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What is ANCI?

ANCI, National Association of Independent Construction Companies, is an organization that represents large and medium-sized construction companies, mainly focused to public works.

ANCI was set up in 1997 as a new voice with the Public Administration -main client of its members- and with other economic, political and social authorities, in order to meet the need of adapting the old organizational structure of the construction sector to the new scenario created by the political, administrative and territorial changes of the country, and also with the objective of promoting the competence.

ANCI Corporate Commitment:

ANCI was created with the aim of representing the member companies and to defend their interests in front of administrative bodies both on a national scale (Central, Regional and Local Administrations) and internationally, as well as any other public and/or private entities.

ANCI promotes the collaboration and solidarity among its member companies, in the interests of everyone, not only the associates themselves but also the Construction sector as a whole, thanks to the principles of maximum transparency in the awarding of contracts for Public Works and equal opportunities for companies, avoiding practices that may constitute barriers to free competition.

ANCI has the determination of cooperating with public and private institutions, both national and international, in every matter that may result in sustainable economic growth, environmental improvement and RDI promotion.

ANCI belongs to:

  • CNC, Spanish Confederation of Construction Companies, forming part of the Steering Board.
  • CEOE, Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations, forming part of the Executive Committee.
  • Spanish Road Association (AEC).
  • AENOR, Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification, as corporate member and member of the Advisory Board for the Certification of Construction Companies.
  • New Economy Forum.
  • Thyssen Bornemisza Museum, as corporate supporter.

 ANCI provides the following services to its members:

  • Negotiation with the administrative bodies regarding any issue concerning the members as a group.
  • Construction sector situation and trends monitoring.
  • Technical and legal consultancy regarding any matter of the members’ common interest.
  • Presence in forums as a group that may not be open to individual companies, as well as trade fairs.
  • Representation in case of dispute that may involve any risk for the sector.
  • Legal information, both Spanish and international, which affect the members.
  • A leading voice in front of public opinion when either needed or advisable.
  •  Workgroups to study any topic of special interest and/or involving business opportunities.