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Address: Rúa do Paseo, 25. 32003 Ourense
Phone.: +34 988 370 766
Fax: +34 988 370 981
E-mail: info@copasagroup.com

Managing Director office: Calle Rosario Pino, 14. 2 Pl. 28020 Madrid. Phone.: 915 799 680
Offices: León, Ourense, Santiago de Compostela, y Valencia
Established: 1985
Turnover: 328 M€
Web: www.copasagroup.com


The extensive experience that we have gained during thirty years of activity has given us the ability to carry out all kinds of infrastructure projects and services: Railway works, highways, hydraulic works, port works, public and private buildings, hospitals, transport infrastructure maintenance, operation of water treatment plants, collection and treatment of urban solid waste, industrial maintenance, etc.

International business has become COPASA’s new flagship, specializing in road and railway works in Spain, which is now participating in numerous international projects.

The company is one of the twelve that make up the Spanish partnership of the High-Speed Medina-La Meca project, the biggest international contract awarded to Spanish companies in history (6700 million euros), in which COPASA has a majority participation. Once the construction phase has been completed, the project is currently in the operation and maintenance phase, during which COPASA will maintain the road for the next 12 years.

The extensive experience of COPASA and the qualification of its professionals are the best guarantees to win contracts abroad. In fiscal year 2017, the Group was awarded the contract for the construction and exploitation of the water supply in Belém (Brazil) valued at more than 350 million euros and a highway on the west coast of Mexico. Recently, COPASA has been awarded the concession contract for a highway in Uruguay, valued at more than 600 million euros.

Currently, the COPASA GROUP operates on four continents and more than 15 countries: Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Sweden, Croatia, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Dubai, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile.