Address: Pl. d’Europa 2-4. Torre Copisa. 08902 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona
Phone: +34 934 930 100
Fax: +34 934 930 136
Offices: Madrid y Aragón

International Offices: Europe, America and Africa
Established: May 8,1959
Turnover: 304 M€ (2017)


The COPISA GROUP was founded in 1959 and operates in the global market in the construction, industrial, maintenance and concessions sectors.

The COPISA GROUP specialises in the execution of large projects and complex works, operating in the sectors of civil works (roads, railways, tunnels, bridges, hydraulic works, maritime and river works), building (residential and service), restoration and refurbishment (comprehensive, historical and artistic, façades, roofs, party walls, etc.), industrial projects (nuclear power plants, chemical and petrochemical industries, thermal power plants, combined cycles, co-generation, mining, automotive, modular plants, bio-diesel), global projects (EPC), maintenance (industrial, building and infrastructures).

From our beginnings to the present we have steadily extended a growing active presence in our business areas. Investing resources appropriately has enabled us to position ourselves in other markets. As a result of our commitment sustained over the years, and after having gradually extended our footprint in the geographical contexts in Europe, America and Africa, the COPISA GROUP is now firmly established on these continents.

Today the major importance of our expansion makes a significant contribution to the financial results of the holding founded on the strength of our operations in civil works, building and industrial projects.

Hospital de Ate Vitarte – Lima

Plataforma de la línea de Alta Velocidad


   Planta enriquecimiento de mineral – Mauritania