120x120 puentes

Address: Carretera de la Estación s/n. 15888 Sigüeiro, A Coruña
Phone: +34 981 688 901
E-mail: info@puentes.com

Madrid address: Calle Raimundo Fernandez Villaverde 61, 4º Izq. 28003 Madrid.
Phone: +34 914 170 525

Offices: Galicia, Madrid, Panamá, EEUU, Ecuador, Bolivia, Costa Rica, África
Established: 1 de mayo de 1977
Turnover: 250 M€
Web: www.grupopuentes.com



It was established in A Coruña (Spain) in 1977, with just a local team of 50 professionals. Thanks to their effort and determination, they would soon become a leading company of their sector after their first works (more specifically, the bridge ‘Rande’).

42 years have passed since then, and Grupo Puentes is today a Corporate Group that counts upon an international team of more than 500 professionals and 1.000 works within 11 different countries.

Since its foundation, Grupo Puentes has had a clear mission: to construct bridges and viaducts that serve as an example for future generations. To this end, they have defined a clear philosophy and ethics supported by the following objectives: safety, constant innovation, technical excellence, client satisfaction, training and motivation of the human capital, and environmental care.

Throughout its vast business career, every strategic decision has been operated according to its code of conduct. All the activities are carried out bearing in mind the following: responsible commitments, serious management, financial prudence, high quality and transparency.