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Address: C/ Ochandiano, 18. 28023 Madrid
Phone.: +34 914 444 480
Fax: +34 914 444 481
E-mail: spain@rovergrupo.com
Offices: Estocolmo (Suecia), Varsovia (Polonia), Bogotá (Colombia), Abu Dhabi (Emiratos Árabes Unidos), Jeddah (Arabia Saudí).
Established: 1962
Web: www.rovergrupo.com



ROVER GROUP, with over 700 employees, is a diversified construction firm with a presence on four continents. The group includes Rover Infrastructure, Rover Rail, Rover Maritime, Rover Construction, Rover Homes and Rover Concessions. The company stands out for its ability to execute complex, high quality works in the shortest possible time, seeking excellence in all its processes.

The group currently has a portfolio of projects coming up to 1.653 million euros and it is present in, among others, Spain, Sweden, Poland, France, Colombia, Uruguay, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

ROVER has a wide variety of experience: Rover Infrastructure has built 102 km of highway and 160 km of track platforms. Rover Maritime has executed more than 150 projects, out of which, 19 km of breakwaters, 13 km of quays and 35 million of m3 manufactured concrete. As to Rover Rail, they have at the present moment built more than 120km of railway tracks and carried out maintenance on, not less than, 1.214 km. Rover Construction has built 600,000 m2, with architectural design for Chipperfield and Calatrava. Rover Concessions works on projects of railway transportation, highways and ports. Finally Rover Homes, the youngest business unit, has more than 200.000 m2 of floor area in their portfolio, more than 200 houses in promotion, 300 in portfolio and 4 million m2 of managed urban land.