Address: Plaza de Grecia 1, portal 2, 2º planta. 45005 Toledo
Phone: +34 925 239 616 – 925 253 864
Fax: +34 925 251 717
Concessionaire companies: Aullasa, Madrid-407, Aparcamientos Cuenca
Established: 1970
Turnover: 100 M€


SARRIÓN CONSTRUCTION is a leading company within the field of civil engineering with almost 50 years’ experience nation-wide. SARRIÓN handles all types of engineering projects such as motorways, expressways, railways, hydraulic projects and residential developments, as well as being a holder in various Concessionary Companies.

SARRIÓN CONSTRUCTION has proven its ability to participate in large-scale projects which require precision, thoroughness, and a high level of professionalism. This has allowed us to expand our construction portfolio.

Since this company was founded, it has played a major role in the development and improvement of national communication routes by carrying out projects such as expressways, highways, bridges, viaducts, railway lines, and heliports. We have been responsible for building more than 690 km of new highways and motorways, and more than 60 km of high speed railway lines.
We have extensive experience in water treatment and handle all aspects of these plants including detailed engineering design, foundation infrastructure, supplying and installing electro-mechanical and measuring equipment, start-up of facilities, maintenance, and management.

SARRIÓN handles hydraulic construction projects covering the entire water cycle, including catchment, clarification, filtration, disinfection, distribution, waste disposal management and purification. Over the last few years SARRIÓN CONSTRUCTION has built more than 700 km of pipelines and 28 water treatment plants which provide water for more than one million local residents.

SARRIÓN has plenty of experience in all types of building construction, not only non-residential (airports, sports facilities, clinics and hospitals, schools, shopping centres, office buildings, etc.) but also residential projects (houses and apartment blocks).

When it comes to Concession projects, the skills we have acquired through years of experience enable us to manage all the risks they entail, such as infrastructure investments. We establish a long-term management commitment from a project’s design plans and financing phase to its construction, conservation, and operation. With this in mind, we make sure these projects are handled with maximum efficiency, adequate financing and optimum management.

At SARRIÓN we believe in sustainable development as a bastion for growth, and we are committed to guaranteeing maximum quality in the construction and execution of all projects, along with minimal environmental impact. We also ensure our workers’ safety through occupational hazard prevention measures. Basically, we set in motion all necessary resources to offer the best solution in each and every phase of a project. Recognizing that innovation, research and development act as a driving force which increases productivity and competitiveness, we often collaborate with universities and other public and private institutions to develop various research and innovation ideas which can be applied to ongoing company projects.