Address: Calle Orense 68. 28020 Madrid
Phone: +34 915 550 729
Fax: +34 915 972 084
E-mail: sogeosa@sogeosa.es
Offices: Centro, Norte
Established: 11 de enero de 1985
Turnover: 16 M€
Web: www.sogeosa.es


Keeping the same values of service to society, technical rigor and quality that drove its creation nearly 35 years ago, SOGEOSA is a national reference in the sector of construction and utilities.

Our specialization in a traditional sector such as hydraulic and environmental work of our early years, has been accompanied by a growth in our client portfolio and by the consolidation of the company in strategic sectors such as energy or transport infrastructures, always implementing and maintaining the same values that drove our creation.

The strength of SOGEOSA nationally has allowed us to invest heavily on international development, exporting our demands for technical rigor and quality to the projects we run across the Atlantic.

Recent performances in Spain have been the completion of the Valdepatao´s Dam in Huesca; the extension of the ETAP in Merida and the completion of the second phase of the sanitary works project for Melilla and the awarding, in joint venture, of the construction of the Almudevar dam.

On an international level, SOGEOSA has completed the water supply system works from the plant of Tibitoc to the tank of Casablanca, in the South of Bogotá (Colombia), the second most important water distribution network in the center of Colombia which supplies drinking water to more than three million people in the Colombian capital of Bogotá. The project was commended at the XXVIII International Congress of the American Water Work Association (AWWA) held in June 2013 in the city of Denver (USA).