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Address: C/ Asunción Castell, 13. 28020 Madrid
Movil.: +34 919 199 059
Fax: ++34 919 916 959
E-mail: info@aschinfraestructuras.com
Web: www.aschinfraestructuras.com


ASCH Infraestructuras y Servicios, S.A. is specialized in the Development, Management and Construction of major infrastructures, that comprise civil works (railway, road, airport and port works), industrial and building. This company came about on the initiative of the Gibert family and a group of ex directors of the company Assignia, who acquired Assignia productive unit (The purchase included its portfolio of national and foreign contracts, an extensive pool of machinery, references to contracts executed, subsidiary companies, etc.)

The Company employs a workforce of more than 190 employees, and all types of public works projects are being implemented in different countries, with a presence in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Panama, India, Georgia, Oman and Turkey.As the most important data, we have executed more than 800 km of railway lines, more than 250 km of highways, 400 km of roads and more than 740 km railway lines and 350 km of roads maintenance works. In building, we highlight the construction of hospitals, hotels, schools, stations, stadiums and sports centers and more than 9,000 houses, in addition to the rehabilitation and restoration of singular buildings.
It has also been a pioneer in the area of infrastructures concessions, with important hospital and educational projects, both in Spain and in Mexico.